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Sharp Mind™ | Memory & Learning Nootropic Formula

Sharp Mind™ is a powerful nootropic supplement formulated to enhance cognitive performance.  It helps keep the mind sharp and memory strong by improving your memory acquisition and information retention.

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Sharp Mind™ | Memory & Learning Nootropic Formula


Sharp Mind™:

Sharp Mind has been formulated to help:

  • Enhance cognitive performance.
  • Improve memory recall.
  • Enhance learning ability.
  • Improve short-term memory.
  • Support general mental well-being.

BacoMind® – Bacopa monnieri – 45% Bacosides

BacoMind® is a patented extract of Bacopa monnieri, clinically validated to enhance memory and cognition. A powerful nootropic, it is produced via a patented soft-extraction process; BacoMind® is a unique full-spectrum extract, standardized to contain nine synergistic bioactive constituents known as bacosides.

BacoMind® is the most scientifically studied extract of Bacopa monnieri on the market, with 20 published studies demonstrating its nootropic properties and efficacy at improving memory and age-related memory impairment.

While there are many other generic extracts of Bacopa monnieri sold on the market, BacoMind® is the real deal. These inferior extracts found in different popular nootropic formulations often borrow the science from BacoMind® to validate their health claims.

BacoMind® is produced with certified organic Bacopa monnieri, sourced sustainably from carefully selected farms with ideal cultivation conditions. The crops are grown free from pesticide and ochratoxin contamination with ongoing quality control checks throughout its maturation.

Studies have shown multiple pathways through which BacoMind® exerts its nootropic (cognitive enhancing) benefits:

  1. It inhibits three key enzymes associated with memory and learning (COMT, PEP, and AChE).
  2. It’s an antagonist of serotonin receptors 5-HT2A and 5-HT6, known to influence neurological pathways associated with cognition.
  3. It provides neuroprotection via its antioxidant properties.

As a acetylcholinesterase (AChE) enzyme inhibitor, BacoMind® reduces the activity of the primary cholinesterases enzyme, responsible for breaking down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is essential for memory, learning, and attention, and by reducing the activity of AChE, levels of acetylcholine increase, enhancing memory, concentration, and learning ability.

Sharp Mind™ contains the clinically validated dosage of 300 mg per serve.

Sharp PS® – Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine, often referred to as PS, is arguably the most evidence-backed nootropic nutrient for supporting cognition and brain health available on the market. Human clinical studies have demonstrated its ability to improve memory, concentration, learning, and vocabulary skills across age groups spanning from young adults to seniors experiencing age-associated memory impairment.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid, and it is a major structural component of all cells. Levels of phosphatidylserine in tissue cells vary throughout the body, with the highest concentrations found in the brain. Phosphatidylserine is essential for the healthy formation and function of neuron membranes and myelin. It also supports cell-to-cell communications and synaptic neurotransmission of certain neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine.

Sharp Mind™ contains 250 mg of the clinically researched Sharp-PS® per serve, a premium branded form of phosphatidylserine. Clinical studies on Sharp-PS® have shown benefit after only six weeks of supplementation, with greater cognitive improvements observed after prolonged use.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

ALCAR is a superior and more bioavailable form of L-Carnitine that is more readily able to cross the blood-brain barrier and help support brain health and cognitive function.

ALCAR plays an important role in energy metabolism. It helps to fuel the brain by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, the cell powerhouses, where they are used to produce ATP cellular energy. It is estimated that the brain consumes at least 20% of the body’s energy, so supporting its energy requirements is vital to maintaining optimal brain function.

ALCAR is also a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, associated with memory and learning. ALCAR has been shown to enhance cholinergic neurotransmission while also providing neuroprotective effects.

Sharp Mind™ contains 200 mg of ALCAR per serve.

Rhodiola rosea – 3% Salidroside, 1% Rosavins

A popular adaptogen, anxiolytic and nootropic herb, Rhodiola rosea is indigenous to the Arctic and Alpine regions of Russia, Europe, Asia and America. It has traditionally been used to help relieve the symptoms of stress and reduce mental fatigue while also supporting concentration, mental stamina and mood.

Rhodiola is thought to influence key brain chemicals like serotonin and act as a neuroprotective antioxidant.

Sharp Mind™ contains a clinical 150 mg dose per serve of a premium standardised extract of Rhodiola, containing not less than 3% salidroside and 1% rosavins, the active compounds thought to be responsible for the many health benefits.

Ginkgo biloba – 24% Ginkgo flavonglycosides

Ginkgo is one of the most widely used and researched nootropic brain herbs on the planet. Native to China, Ginkgo is one of the oldest species of trees on earth, with the oldest living tree thought to be 1,400 years old and located in the walls of Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple, in the Zhongnan Mountain region of China.

Ginkgo supports brain health, mental function, and memory recall through supporting several neurotransmitter systems and neurogenesis, the process in which new brain cells (neurons) are formed in the brain.

Ginkgo also helps maintain healthy blood circulation and cerebral blood flow, which are crucial to delivering the oxygen and nutrients the brain needs to function at its best.

Sharp Mind™ contains a clinical 150 mg dose per serve of a premium standardised extract of Ginkgo, containing not less than 24% ginkgo flavonglycosides, the active compound responsible for the ingredient’s many health benefits.

Paullina cupana (Guarana)

Guarana is a climbing plant native to Brazil. The Amazon tribes have long used guarana seeds, rich in antioxidants, for their therapeutic properties.

Guarana contains about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee beans, along with other powerful nootropic compounds, including theobromine.

Studies have shown guarana can improve mental focus, learning and memory function.

Sharp Mind™ contains a clinical 150 mg dose of Guarana, standardised to contain a low dose of caffeine (31.5 mg) and theobromine, associated with improved cognitive function.

Cynara scolymus (Artichoke) – 5% Cynarin 

Native to the Mediterranean, Artichoke leaves are a rich source of health-promoting antioxidant compounds, including phenolic acids such as cynarin, plus flavonoids such as luteolin and anthocyanidins.

Artichoke is traditionally used to support gastrointestinal and liver health, but it is also gaining popularity as a nootropic due to its natural ability to inhibit PDE4 in the brain.

Excess PDE4 degrades cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in the brain. cAMP is a secondary messenger in neurons and important to neural signalling. It produces proteins needed for neuron and synapse growth, a process known as Long-Term Potentiation (LTP). LTP is widely considered one of the major cellular mechanisms that underlie learning and memory. Memories are effectively formed in the brain by creating LTP.

Inhibition of PDE4 blocks the breakdown of cAMP, thereby up-regulating levels of cAMP within brain cells.

Sharp Mind™ contains 150 mg per serve of a premium standardised extract of Artichoke, containing not less than 5% caffeic acid derivatives, calculated as cynarin.

When used for this purpose, Artichoke is regularly combined with the below-discussed Coleus forskohlii.

Plectranthus barbatus (Coleus forskohlii) – 20% Forskolin 

Coleus forskohlii has a long traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine and belongs to the same family as mint and lavender. It contains a unique compound called forskolin, which is the only supplement known to naturally increase levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), essential for neuron and synapse growth (LTP).

Sharp Mind™ contains 60 mg per serve of a premium standardised extract of Coleus forskohlii, containing not less than 2o% forskolin.

150 reviews for Sharp Mind™ | Memory & Learning Nootropic Formula

  1. Amanda Webb (verified customer)

    Seems to work. I’m much more focused.

  2. Ildiko (verified customer)

    Worked within 3-5 days, can highly recommend.

  3. Yolanda (verified customer)

    My brain fog definitely has improved and feel less groggy!

  4. Nick (verified customer)

    have been using this product for a couple of months now, it seems to works. I have an easier time recalling or storing memories and focusing

  5. Alexandre Madelon (verified customer)

    Extremely effective, honestly even stronger than my Concerta. I’ve not been this productive in years.

  6. Mark Purvis (verified customer)

    Best Vitamin I have ever taken

  7. Marcella H. (verified customer)

    I can really feel the improved mental focus

  8. Anonymous (verified customer)

    I’ve really noticed significant improvement with my energy, mood and cognitive function since taking both sharp mind & energise (I also include NAD).

  9. Dalee W. (verified customer)

    It’s really work when I tried so helpful to reduce stress what I have been through my life I was an afraid being a lone but the sharpmind really help me to get ripped out scared mind

  10. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Keeps me alert for most of the morning, simply avoid coffee within 1 hour of taking Sharp Mind.

  11. Shaughan (verified customer)

    Great for kick starting the brain first thing in the morning.

  12. Heather B. (verified customer)

    Another great product which my husband finds great

  13. Mizuko (verified customer)

    So far so good

  14. Kathleen (verified customer)


    My son uses this to help him concentrate at work. He finds it takes less effort to stay on track through his shift.

  15. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Good product, keeps me sharp for 3 to 4 hours in the morning. Just enough to get the tough workload out the door.

  16. Alison (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    I began to notice positive changes after 5-6 weeks. I have much more energy, feel motivated and my memory and focus are definitely improving!

  17. Tina H. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    My GP recommended this product and I am happy with it.

  18. Camilo Ramirez (verified customer)

    auACT, Australia

    only been two months but so far feeling more alert, awake and overall that little bit sharper!

  19. Anonymous (verified customer)


    It works! Will order more for sure, please add as your now ongoing customer, and I hope with a discount each time

  20. Anonymous (verified customer)


    I have just started taking the supplement and are finding I’m not experiencing as much brain fog.

  21. Anonymous (verified customer)



  22. Harley Mangham (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Great product for better focus

  23. David (verified customer)


    Seems to work ok

  24. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    This is an excellent product..tvm

  25. David S. (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    I was skeptical at first after my friend recommended them to me but was really surprised at how well they worked

  26. Desrae Gant (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    I feel I have noticed a difference in my mind/memory since taking Sharp MInd

  27. Nick K. (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Feeling very positive about this product

  28. Joseph (verified customer)


    Great product!

  29. Renee Hardie (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Great product

  30. Roman B. (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Your product seemed to work, which is great. Naturally everyone is different but I was willing to give it a go. Very happy I have. Looking forward to receiving my next order.

  31. Geoff Glew (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Sharpens the mind to razor point luv this product

  32. Amanda Thompson (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    After having Brian Cancer the contents of Sharp Mind are incredibly important for my brain recovery and health.

  33. Jonathan Z. (verified customer)


    Have definitely noticed that days I use the product I am far more aware and articulate!

  34. Elaine (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Increased clarity is noticeable

  35. Irene (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Great products and customer service

  36. Julie O. (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    I feel more clear headed

  37. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Great ingredients

  38. Deekshith Bhoja (verified customer)


    amazing product

  39. Anonymous (verified customer)


    Powerful formula

  40. Anonymous (verified customer)


    Better focus and concentration

  41. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Quality ingredients, haven’t completed yet for full review

  42. Anonymous (verified customer)


    Good product, nice packaging – would recommend

  43. Kate B. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Seems to help with concentration. Still trialing.

  44. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Great product it really works

  45. Darren Patterson (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Really works I have pretty memory and zero clouds

  46. Josh G. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Brilliant product. Has certainly helped since getting Covid.

  47. Iliria (verified customer)


    After being sick on and off for several years and suffering from fog brain….. l can finally see the fog lifting after only taking these for three weeks. l can’t and don’t want to back now that l have my clarity back.

  48. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    This is for my Husband. He finds it helps with memory recall

  49. Marcella H. (verified customer)

    auACT, Australia

    I use the whole MyBrainCo range and I have never felt so healthy and energetic

  50. Ramona P. (verified customer)


    Great product really noticing a difference now onto second jar, less brain fog and recall is better

  51. Hong (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Great product

  52. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    I found myself with more energy and focus for longer

  53. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Still love this product

  54. Dylan (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Splendid product

  55. Cathy (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Happy with this product helped post COVID recovery for me

  56. Julian S. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Great product. Effective but pricey.

  57. Amy (verified customer)


    I have inattentive ADHD and have been taking sharp mind and energize for about 3-4 months now. I don’t take other medications for my ADHD. I have noticed that I’ve been more observant and even wittier in social and work situations. I also feel motivated to get boring tasks done and out of the way, more so than usual. I’ll continue to take these as I’m quite happy with the results so far.

  58. Peter (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Didn’t notice any effects took for a whole month daily, too expensive try other mind helping cheaper products first

    Image #1 from Peter
    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Peter, thank you for your review and sorry you’re not seeing the desired results. Please reach out to our clinical support team if you’d like to discuss how to get the most out of these supplements for your personal situation. We do recommend using for a minimum 3 months. In regards to the price, these are very expensive formulas to produce using very innovative delivery technologies and clinically backed branded ingredients for improved absorption and typically much better results.

  59. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Good product.

  60. Maria Sette (verified customer)


    Having parkinsons disease, anything that helps my mind stay sharp and focused is a plus. I’ve been taking this product for about 4 months now and noticed that I am more alert at work. Working night shift is hard to stay fully focused but lately I seem to breeze through.

  61. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    never start my day without sharp mind.

  62. Grainne M ALEX (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    I also got this for my husband he is finding that his thinking is more clear and less rattled.

  63. Anonymous (verified customer)

    Have noticed a difference after a couple of weeks of using this product!

  64. Anonymous (verified customer)


    Great product.

  65. Simon (verified customer)


    Definitely noticed an improvement in mental clarity.

  66. Claire (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Originally I bought the Sleep Well capsules as I have had problems with sleep for many years. It helped a bit, I was more inclined to stay asleep once I was asleep, but it didn’t help me to get to sleep. After I wrote to MyBrainCo I was advised to use the Sharp Mind as well in the mornings. The combination of the two has made a big difference, I am more relaxed and although I still have occasional sleep problems in general I get more natural sleep than I have for a long time.

  67. Anonymous (verified customer)


    This stuff is amazing, git rid of the foggy brain and I seem more alert

  68. Jeffrey Frendin (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    It works

  69. Anando Bharti (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    my mind is much clearer after one month

  70. Shannon S. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Feeling more energised and alert after only 1 month.

  71. jennifer a. (verified customer)


  72. Anonymous (verified customer)


    definitely makes a difference to my alertness and energy

  73. Mary S. (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    I haven’t taken it sufficiently but it feels good

  74. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    It really works

  75. Paul F. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Have only been on this product not quiet a month so haven’t noticed much just yet, but will persist as the other products have been noticeable in the first month and all products are recommended to be taken for 3 months.

  76. Yochanan F. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    I was sceptical at the start cause of other products from other websites that I tried. But after the first week with this product I started noticing the change in my brain fog and my mental clarity started to be sharper. Just like anything, you won’t know til you try but this product has far exceeded my expectations.

    Image #1 from Yochanan F.
  77. Taria Slater (verified customer)


    Very good

  78. luke mckinnon (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Does work, sometimes seems more effective than other times

  79. Robert D. (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Products are a bit pricey, but good quality

  80. sydney porter (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    it seems to be working

  81. madeleine m. (verified customer)


    Just started so haven’t seen results yet but love this brand

  82. Angela Lomas (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    I noticed a big difference in concentration and I was able to focus better it helped me with my dyslexia

  83. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia


  84. Bec T. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    I find it gives me a little pep in mental capacity for work with a calmer demeanour

    Image #1 from Bec T.
  85. Elada Jamal (verified customer)


    Allert and focused

  86. David Paul (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Great for keeping focused.

  87. Sharonika C. (verified customer)


    This has made a big difference to my mental clarity

  88. Troy Jarrett (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Notice the difference

  89. Cheryle Uduste (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Excellent product

  90. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Very good

  91. Annette G. (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Early days. No adverse reactions.

  92. Blaithin G. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Only started so not really able to give a review for long term but so far so good

  93. Jennifer A. (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    My husband has noticed an improvement in brain fog in his senior years, and better clarity and recall when performing or learning new procedures at work.

  94. Colin Macdonald (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Can definitely notice a difference taking this product an hour before gym

  95. Christof Brandon (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia


  96. Elyse B. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia


  97. Terry H. (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Clearer head was the first development after a week. Also, I have different dreams…these are always good but the brain seems to put more effort into making them clearer.

  98. Christopher (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Cleared the foggy feeling I had

  99. Scott Horwell (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Using along with the Energize and Brain oils, focus, motivation and memory all improved!

  100. John Arkle (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Have notice difference in concentration. My father how is 85 is taking this too and he is alot more alert and his short term memory has improved.

  101. Chris Harvey (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia


  102. Shaughan (verified customer)


    Difficult to say that this one has a definite positive recognizable effect. It’s not immediately obvious like the gut repair.

  103. Daniel Martini (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    High quality product. Excellent formula!

  104. Billy (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Does as adviced. I’m switched on again!

  105. Margie (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Beneficial ingredients. Haven’t been taking for as long as Gut Repair.

    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Margie, thank you for your review. We recommend using this product for a minimum of 3 months. While some will see very rapid results, others will require longer to see the full benefits of this product. This is consistent with the clinical evidence behind some of the branded ingredients we use. Our clinical support team are available if you wish to discuss getting the best results for you.

  106. Robert M. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    You wouldn’t want to debate me now!

  107. Tristan Zammicheli (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Quick, easy and prompt delivery. Have ordered twice now and will continue to do so.

  108. Leah (verified customer)


    Amazing products, the real deal!

  109. Trevor Gawn (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Good product , but probably will not buy anymore

    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Trevor, thank you for the review on Sharp Mind. We’re excited to launch our new updated formula (bigger, better, stronger) in the coming weeks and would love for you to give it a go. Please reach out and we can organise to send one out to you.

  110. Lea Dwyer (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Hasn’t helped much as yet, but I have only been using it for a short period of time.

  111. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia


  112. Jesse C. (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    AMAZING! My work productivity has gone through the roof

  113. Joshua Gurango (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    No noticeable effects

    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Joshua, thank you for your review on Sharp Mind. While some see immediate results, for others it can take a bit longer. Many of the human studies done on the active ingredients were conducted over a minimum period of 3 months. As this is your first container, it would be worthwhile to give the product a bit longer. Please get in contact with our clinical support team if you’d like to discuss further. We’re here to help you get the most out of your products.

  114. Amy (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Thumbs up!

  115. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Bit expensive however I feel it has helped to clear my brain fog feeling. Experimenting to take in morn or evening as to ,..see if the time of dose makes any difference

  116. Alex (verified customer)


    Works really well, clears the usual fog and helps give me a mental edge throughout the day

  117. John Bulauan (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia


  118. Kia K. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    These products have really helped with simplifying our supplement order every month.

  119. KRISTOPHER O. (verified customer)


    One month in and there is noticeable difference in my brain function!

  120. Jarrod Sherman (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia


  121. Ryan (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Great product

  122. ryan (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Really love this nootropic, had top ingredients in it. Have this every morning before work! Helps me keep sharp and alert throughout my work weeks

  123. Emily Kanagalingam (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Feeling the benefits but still on trial with the first bottle.

  124. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Too early to tell.

  125. Aidan (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    1 month in, so far so good. Will be reordering

  126. Kim James (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Having been taking for long but happy so far with product.

  127. Nella (verified customer)


    Best product I’ve ever had so far

  128. Nancy O. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Felt no difference using it unfortunately. Might be a longer term thing. Tried Dopa Mucuna and had much better and immediate results.

    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Nancy, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Sorry to hear you’re not seeing any benefits yet. We do encourage you to persevere for a minimum of 3 months, in line with the duration of most the clinical studies behind the ingredients. In relation to Dopa Mucuna, this is not a permitted ingredient here in Australia due to its safety concerns. Caution should be taken when using this Dopa and it is not recommended for long-term use.

  129. Leigh (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia


  130. Donna Hunter (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Great product…

  131. Kiasten B. (verified customer)

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Perfect combo daily using with Brain Protect

  132. Christine (verified customer)


    Good quality product. Has a made a difference with my brain fog. Coupled with brain protect works to get me through the day.

  133. Jason Elliot (store manager)

    auSouth Australia, Australia

    I’ve been struggling with more anxiety than normal and this product has made a massive difference. I’m feeling much less anxious and overall my mind just feels clearer. Great product.

  134. Corey Stewart (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Really enjoy this product. So much so I bought another bottle for a Christmas present for a family member.

  135. Pei-Ti (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Still watching the results

  136. Anthony (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Getting my focus back, also if I’m about to forget something I quickly remember where that item was

  137. Anonymous (verified customer)

    auQueensland, Australia

    I’m feeling really alert since starting Sharp Mind

  138. Cheryl H. (verified customer)

    auNew South Wales, Australia


  139. Emma B. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Very happy, so far. It has only been a couple of weeks since I started using it.

  140. Brad (verified customer)


    Great product

  141. Cinders B. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    Love the ingredients. Great combination at good doses. Also helping with my MTHFR symptoms

    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Cinders, thank you for your feedback and review on Sharp Mind. A lot of time and research went into the development of this formula. We appreciate your recognition of the formula.

  142. Nathan A. (verified customer)

    auVictoria, Australia

    As a retiree, I purchased as more of a preventative but have actually already noticed some day to day improvements in my memory recall. Will definitely keep using.

    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Nathan, thank you for your feedback and review on Sharp Mind. Great to hear the product is helping with your memory. Studies show compounding benefits from continued use.

  143. Terry (verified customer)

    To early to give a long term review

  144. Derek Barker (verified customer)

  145. Anna Raymond (verified customer)

    I’ve gone from having brain fog daily to a mind that thinks fast and enables me to get things done at work

    • myBrainCo. Team (store manager)

      Hi Anna, thank you for your feedback and review on Sharp Mind. Life’s definitely better without brain fog!

  146. Chloe (verified customer)

    Wow! I’m so much more productive and my anxiety has literally disappeared! It took a few weeks before I really noticed any benefits but since then I feel more focused and mentally sharper (pardon the pun!). Love this product!!!

  147. Naomi (verified customer)

    Great product. I was skeptical to start with but having used it for a couple of months, I’m very satisfied with its effects. There is a noticeable improvement in my focus and mental clarity.  I also find that I’m more productive at work during particularly stressful days.

  148. Melissa Searle (verified customer)

    My son has been taking these tablets to assist in completing his osteopathic degree. He believes that these have made a huge difference in maintaining focus during exam preparation and he is clearer during times of testing. After three weeks, he is extremely happy with this result and feels that sharp mind is extremely beneficial during studying and stress.

  149. Anna Raymond (verified customer)

    I felt the effects of these tablets almost immediately! I have had brain fog for a while but taking these made my brain function so much clearer! Great product!

  150. Pinhas Raveh (verified customer)

    Full house of brain health actives

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2 vege-capsules per serve – 30 serves per bottle

Each vege-capsule contains:

(2 Capsules)
BacoMind® Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) dry extract:
Derived from dry whole plant min. 6 g,
standardised to contain bacosides calculated as bacoside A: 135 mg
300 mg
Sharp PS® Phosphatidylserine
Enriched non-GMO soy lecithin powder:
standardised to phosphatidylserine 150 mg
250 mg
Acetyl-Carnitine hydrochloride 200 mg
Rhodiola rosea dry extract:
Derived from dry root min. 600 mg,
standardised to contain salidrosides 4.5 mg and rosavins 1.5 mg
150 mg
Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo) dry extract:
Derived from dry leaf min. 7.5 g,
standardised to contain ginkgo flavonglycosides 36.8 mg
150 mg
Paullina cupana (Guarana) dry extract:
Derived from dry seed min. 600 mg,
standardised to contain caffeine 31.5 mg
150 mg
Cynara scolymus (Artichoke) dry extract:
Derived from dry leaf min. 3.36 g,
standardised to contain caffeoylquinic acid as cynarin 4.5 mg
150 mg
Plecthranthus barbatus (Coleus forskohlii) dry extract:
Derived from dry root min. 2.7 g,
standardised to contain forskolin 12 mg.
60 mg

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Excipients: Hypromellose, Maltodextrin, Silica Colloidal Anhydrous, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Purified Water, Potassium Acetate, Carrageenan.


Take 2 vege-capsules per day or as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner.

For Best Results:

  • Take as part of our synergistically formulated SHARP MIND SYSTEM or with ENERGIZE.
  • Avoid consuming within 30 minutes of any caffeinated products, medications or alcoholic beverages.
  • Maintain daily compliance.
  • Use for a minimum of 3 months.



Not for pregnant or nursing women. Consult your medical practitioner if taking medications, have a medical condition, or are planning to have surgery.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Talk to an Ayurvedic practitioner if you are unsure if this medicine is right for you.

Do not eat contents of the freshness packet. Keep in bottle.