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Memory Bundle | Memory, Stress & Cognition


Our clinic team have carefully curated this bundle of synergistic products to assist with memory, stress and cognition.

The memory bundle combines our leading nootropic formula Sharp Mind with the active B and CoQ10 formula Mito Active-B™, and our bio-optimised Omega+.


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Memory Bundle | Memory, Stress & Cognition


Why combine Sharp Mind™, Mito Active-B™ and Omega+?

Addressing memory, cognition and brain fog starts with ensuring the body has access to the fundamental nutrients it needs to drive healthy mitochondrial function, cellular energy (ATP) production and neurotransmitter synthesis. The unique combination of herbs and nutrients in Mito Active-B™ delivers just this, helping you to feel less fatigued and more mentally alert to tackle your daily tasks.  

Omega-3 fats are important components of the nervous system. They nourish the cells, helping to improve neurotransmission while keeping inflammation at bay and providing the building blocks for mood chemicals and hormones. Omega+ contains a high dose of DHA combined with a patented delivery system (AquaCelle®) clinically shown to improve absorption by over 600% compared to a standard fish oil capsule, helping you get the most out of every capsule. 

Combining Mito Active-B™ and Omega+ with the blend of nature’s best cognitive enhancers in Sharp Mind™, you have a powerful combination to supercharge your memory, recall and acuity, as well as the support you need to handle stressful situations with greater ease. The herbal components of Sharp Mind™ help with nervous system circulation to ensure the nutrients from Mito Active-B™, and Omega+ can make it to where you need them in your brain and nervous system. 



How do I take these products?

  • Mito Active-B

You only need to take 1 capsule of the highly concentrated Mito Active-B formula daily.

Some of the great features of Mito Active-B include;

✔ Bioactive forms of B vitamins, including Quatrefolc® and mecobalamin (aka methylcobalamin)

✔ Rapid absorption CoQ10 thanks to the clinically validated Aquacelle Q10 ® technology

  •  Sharp Mind™

To get the most out of Sharp Mind, simply take 2 vege capsules in the morning with your breakfast. 

  • Omega+

You only need to take 2 capsules of the highly concentrated Omega+ formula daily.  

Some of the great features of Omega+ include;

✔ 600% better absorption thanks to the clinically validated Aquacelle® technology! 

✔ No fishy reflux or burps thanks to the Aquacelle® rapid absorption technology and unique molecular distillation manufacturing process. 

✔ Added superior DeltaGold® tocotrienol form vitamin E (non-palm oil-derived) that provides additional antioxidant and neuroinflammation support.

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  1. Julia (verified customer)

    Always happy with the products. Observe the instructions on what time of day to take, and the duration between products and your medications for the best results.

  2. Julie (verified customer)

    A trio of optimal products to add life to my years that prove to make a difference with accurate results after regular use

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