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myBrainCo. was founded with the mission of helping people achieve their full potential through a happier and healthier brain.

Your brain defines you. It is the conduit through which you interpret and respond to the world around you. It enables you to connect, dream, and achieve. We believe a healthy brain is the key to happiness, success, and living your best life.

However, the modern sedentary lifestyle, often associated with high levels of stress, poor nutritional habits, excessive sugar intake, sleep deprivation and heightened exposure to environmental toxins, is having a devastating impact on the health of our brains and mental wellbeing. Mental illness is on the rise; brain-fog is a daily occurrence and rates of cognitive impairment, and age-related neurodegenerative disorders are increasing every year.

Motivated by a growing sense of urgency, we set about researching how we could make a meaningful positive impact.

Our solution – The Sharp Mind | Body-Brain Optimization System. Three years in the making and the result of many professional collaborations, our system represents the most comprehensive nutritional solution to optimal brain health and cognitive function available on the market today.

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Systemic Solution

myBrainCo. recognises the body’s complex network of interconnected and communicating systems. Our product range has been scientifically curated to target the systems most known to impact brain health and function.

Through this unique systemic approach, the Sharp Mind System enhances cognitive performance and supports the underlying pathways and processes necessary to achieve long-term and sustainable neurological, physiological and metabolic wellbeing.

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Systematized Simplicity

myBrainCo. helps simplify the often overwhelming and confusing process of purchasing health supplements. When it comes to brain health and function, we have done the hard research for you.

With six scientifically and synergistically formulated products, the Sharp Mind System offers the most comprehensive nutraceutical approach available to enhancing cognitive performance and supporting mental wellbeing.

Direct To Door – Specialized Retail – Clinics 

myBrainCo. products are available direct to your door via our online store.  They’re also available through select clinics and specialty health food stores across Australia. 


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Our Guarantee To You

Whether you use our complete Sharp Mind System or our stand-alone products, you can rest assured that you’re investing in premium, scientifically and traditionally-supported, nutraceutical supplements that promote body-brain optimization. 45 DAY RISK FREE PURCHASE We know what has gone into developing our products and are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If however you are unhappy with your product we will gladly offer you a full refund, minus any shipping costs. For more information click here.
45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - Brain Optimization Supplments